Ladies, Tear off the Tag!

"Labels are sticky and hard to remove!" I remember when I first heard those words, I was captivated by them. It spoke to me because it seemed like whenever I found myself as an involuntary referee between my kids' war of words, I would often say, "If you know you're not "this or that," why... Continue Reading →

Co-dependence: The Guilt that Keeps on Giving

So since tomorrow is the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness month, I considered this subject needed to be revisted…

Better Not Bitter

Today is a day of firsts! The first day of the month and the first day in over 12 years that I’ll dare set foot on the scene of the crime…the one that momentarily left me with the inability to feel I had a reason to smile like this: image

Yet…for no particular reason…I’ve learned to smile often…thankfully it’s no longer to hide pain, but to embrace promise, potential, and every opportunity within reach.

I accept what happened years ago as a learning opportunity…Albeit, physically painful and emotionally jarring I can finally agree that by God’s grace, I’ve thrived beyond domestic abuse…today is also the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month…so I pray every post going forward encourage a lifestyle a little freer than the day before…whether you consider yourself a victim of abuse…a former perpetrator of it, or someone stuck in between…I hope this post is a…

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The Satisfaction of Suffering

Yes Lovely Ladies, suffering is necessary. It is part of the refinement process. Some refinement takes longer than others dependent upon how tough the material being polished is before the process began.  Trials and disappointment have a tendency to give us thick skin...we get tough when we're meant to be delicate.  That is by no... Continue Reading →

NOT Again! Black Lives Still Matter I intentionally removed myself from social media for a while to refresh and to focus on my books and other business ventures...yet, in the last few days I've allowed myself to  indulge for maybe 30 minutes a day or so to play catch up. I wish I could say that it were not more... Continue Reading →

Embrace What’s Right with YOU!

I've always been one to find errors immediately...on books...on speech...I've had a knack for correcting things since I was seven...always considering other, better, and more efficient ways of doing most things I've observed. In fact, I have to purposely make myself not read my posts at times because I can't help making the... Continue Reading →

Reconstructed for Purpose

I'm sure I'd heard of the term "reconstruction" before, but when the gentlemen I spoke with the other day mentioned it referring to several home remodeling projects in the area, I understood things intimately. I began writing a post some time ago about being under construction. However, if I'm honest, it was completely cliche and I... Continue Reading →

He Responds with Silence

In the past three days, like Paul, my scales have been removed. I understand more because I hear God's voice more. I once thought God only speaks ever so often, but I was wrong. He not only hears me, but God responds. Responding is something I'm learning to do more often myself. I used to react, but... Continue Reading →

Finally Thawed

For the last month or more, my daughter has been somewhat "re-obsessed" with Frozen's Soundtrack . I admit I used to like the song myself, but only when I heard Demi Lovato sing it. Yesterday morning on the way to church she decided to belt out the lyrics of which I'd heard enough of...or so... Continue Reading →

An Ear to Listen

I had no reservations about revealing my past before that moment in class yesterday.  Perhaps it was hearing words I'd never written before...I'd never even thought of before sent me to a place I hadn't visited either. I remembered. I revealed my disconnection with self...why I was drawn to being "needed" by others...why it was... Continue Reading →

It was Never Rejection

I cried in class today. I hadn't planned to do so. I didn't even cry when writing the piece I was required to read aloud. The assignment was to tell our story.  As a writer I almost did the paper before even reading the assigned chapters because I thought it would be that easy. I mean... Continue Reading →

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