A Bit More About Me…

Welcome Lovelies and Gents!

So I’m a brainy introvert who’s a follower of Christ. I loathe religion and I’m proud of it! For some that might seem contradictory, however, by MBTI personality categorization standards, I’m the rarest, as some say a walking contradiction. Yep, I’m an African American Female INFJ. Those who follow those systems as such would clearly understand the enigma that I am. Some have taken me for an Extrovert and if you get to this place before I have completely updated the content, you might check out where I thought I was as well. Talking about to thy own self NOT being true! Anyway, I’ve learned that I have MOMENTS! And those moments require recovery…a lot of recovery.

Years ago, I typed as an ENFJ and for years I sought to understand myself thinking that I had been falsely living as an introvert on most days because I’d been raised by a mental patient and married to a narcissist (yeah, much more on that later). Yeah, about that…

Let’s just say, I’m type Nadia!

I just can’t be put into a box ANYMORE. FINALLY, I’m sooooo OKAY with ME! Still, given the plethora of identities I’ve held in error over the years, the discovery of the latter is why I’ve finally come out of my cave to reintroduce myself.

Any who, I’m glad you dropped by to hang out a bit. If you haven’t already, I hope you consider subscribing to stay updated.

Yeah…About that religion thingy…

By definition, religion is merely a routine, and I have dropped religion in favor of a relationship with Christ. Though I was raised as a Christian, it took years for me to accept Christ “for real for real” beyond all the hype and drama that has crept into the church. Ya’ know the stuff God never intended as part of His plan like division and hypocrisy! Before I was bound by that among many other things (like people-pleasing)…Wrote a post about it…want to read it? Here you go!

Call it enlightenment! Call it self-discovery! I call it transformation and growth! And since there’s no going back, I invite you to join me in the journey!

Yes, I’m a slight perfectionist and I love things that are organized and clean (however, considering my car hasn’t been washed in a year), I guess I depends on the things I value most…aka healthy relationships, wholeness, purpose, and health issues for now.

Told ya! A walking contradiction!

Oh yeah, I’m a pretty okay mom to my two “not so little anymore” humans and one fur baby named Oreo (a 15 pound canine bundle of “interesting”), a great cook (at times), and I’d guess a pretty cool friend to my true few!

Why does this feel like a dating app intro? Oh and I’m single for now.

(DISCLAIMER: This is not an invitation for a dating relationship so don’t contact me). I AM NOT GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL! (More on that later)

Finally I am learning to see and love myself as God always has! Talk about an uphill journey…oh yeah, I’m an empath, a prophet, and pretty adorable on most days.

Yeah, lovelies and gents, I’m all kind of weird!

I have been married twice, divorced twice, and have fallen in love with the wrong men several times. I’d say I’m a certified relationship expert by now, wouldn’t you think? At least I know how to get it wrong, and by doing the opposite perhaps I can lend a few tips to help you ease the tension of your relational transitions as well so that you get it right. Or you can just laugh with me as I explore my own. It’s your choice…no pressure…

Considering all that jazz, I actually give pretty great relational advice to others. Notice, I said to others. I’m still learning to take my own advice. It is indeed of PROCESS, folks!

Yeah peeps, I used to wonder why people keep asking me for relational and leadership advice, but I now understand. God was showing me that He designed me to be an awesome solution to the problems I’ve experienced and witnessed. Either that or He’s got a great sense of humor…I’m choosing to believe it’s a bit of both.

Moving On…Yes, I think a lot about everything…all the time so a lot will pour onto these pages (as if that were not obvious)…especially after nearly three years of being in chill mode. I’ve recovered for the long haul this time peeps!!!

Any who, I’ve loved to write since I could hold a pen so I am a perpetual student. I’ve have a few degrees and I am pursuing yet another! My kids cannot seem to wrap their minds around why I would ever go back to school again on purpose at 42! My response to that is simple! The day I’ve ceased to have a zeal for learning is the day I’ve died. Yes, it took me a minute to embrace that part of myself too though I wrote about it before right here!

All that said, while I’m alive and well, I’m determined to live, love, relax and operate in purpose to glorify the Kingdom of God by any means necessary! So if only one person’s day is brightened by my truth, good deal.

If you read this far, congratulations!

You’ve got more patience that you thought! Seriously, though, I’d like to thank you for your attention and again I want to invite you again to join this journey with me by subscribing today.


Nadia Latrice

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