confident one

Hey Fam!

When I first began this blog, my goal was originally to allow people to see the love of Christ through my transparency.  That is still the underlining reason, however, in the passed three years I’ve learned to be a bit more specific about my reasons for doing things. I’ve learned to take the mask off. I’ve learned that more people are helped when I’m real and don’t paint everything with rosy-colored glasses…I learned to be me and to love me just as I am and to encourage others to do the same. So I can’t really tell you what you’ll find as you peruse the notes of my life going forward. I’m sure at some point I’ll give tidbits of wisdom about the abuse I’ve suffered…the relationship blunders I’ve experienced, and just the down-right foolishness of others’ I’ve witnessed…Notice how I conveniently left myself out of the foolishness? Ha! Whatever, it’s my blog!

I can say that I am truly better and no longer bitter about a lot of things and people. Regardless, I’m still a work in progress and far from perfect. I have finally grasped that my worth is priceless though…

That said…I believe when I started this trek, my goal was to no longer be bitter, but it was not exactly my truth yet. In fact, when I began, every time I would type the title it would end of being “bitter not better.” comeagain


I have loved and lost and ranted and prayed about every step in between. My children have brought me joy and driven me absolutely bonkers, but I’m maintaining my sanity.  My life is indeed better than fiction so I bleed every now and then on these pages. I am a Christian and I can say with assurance that I am whole now. Not bad for the fragmented soul I was before! images3

God’s love has lovingly put me back together. Now, my biggest passion is helping other ladies to get here!  I’m loving this place…learning to enjoy the journey…looking forward to the road ahead!