In the past three days, like Paul, my scales have been removed. I understand more because I hear God’s voice more. I once thought God only speaks ever so often, but I was wrong. He not only hears me, but God responds.

Responding is something I’m learning to do more often myself. I used to react, but now I actually take my time and try to consider what I am going to say before I open my mouth. Of course, there are times when I have to remind myself the best way to handle things is sometimes to remain silent.  I simply refuse to argue.  I will simply choose to disagree. I’ve learned to appreciate the silence in My Father’s responses.

To feel the warmth of His reply without audible words is baffling, but comforting all the same. I used to wake up with a prayer on my lips.  Yet, lately I commune with Him in silence. I believe my prayers have been more intimate now…

He doesn’t react as I had become so accustomed to doing when confronted with a situation I’d rather not have to experience. He responds. That means He takes the time to consider my feelings, what is best for me, and the consequences of such before He says a word.

He’s teaching me to treat others with the same consideration.