Almost Overwhelmed

The last few weeks have been interesting.. For lack of a better word, some might conclude "hard," however, even as I sit in this ER waiting room, I'm comforted with My Father's love for me and my children. This time the enemy sought to injure my son...earlier this week, he sought to injure my daughter...still... Continue Reading →

Exclude Wisely

When you are conscious about your disconnections, you understand the necessity of having appropriate relational circles. Rather, my suggestion is that you consider having semi-circle relationships instead. Semi-circle relationships are those that have infinite access to God's presence on one side and an open "evolving" door to every other relationship. Basically, the relationships on the... Continue Reading →

Are you ready to receive your request?

Several years ago, I remember when my children brought two lab-mix puppies home begging to keep them.  They made all sorts of promises--"We'll take care of them, they were free!" they said.  I gave in...Besides the kids did say they'd do their part, right? WRONG! Two weeks later, the reality of my decision set in... I had two... Continue Reading →

Delays and Detours: Not Now Doesn’t Mean Not Ever!

Single Lane Ramp...Use  Caution! Lane Closures Ahead...Expect Delays...Merge Now!    You might have found yourself involuntary acquainted with these signs on the road. I simply must add an additional half-hour or more to my commute to make it wherever lately. It's been a frustrating, yet a necessary daily process that the "powers that be" deem... Continue Reading →

Last Night I had a MOMent

On the heels of two blessings I was not expecting, the enemy tried again and thought he'd won, but never. I thank God for His word and reminding me that I have no business allowing the enemy to blindside me with foolishness. I was reminded that life and death is in the power of the... Continue Reading →

Love Blindly: Glimpses Through Tears

Yesterday I was reminded of "Glimpses" all day. Perhaps the reminders really began the night prior when I considered the manner to which I would do certain things from now on...whether I would really amp up the action behind the faith I claimed to believe. A message before I arrived at church mentioned how God... Continue Reading →

My Desire Once Pinned

I forgot about the wedding plans, but ever so often some one decides to pin a dress...a shoe...a decorative idea...a theme I'd chosen for that day... The one that hasn't come yet... The one I thought I'd had the grace to begin again...still...I hadn't deleted those Wedding Ideas... Single and satisfied had been my mantra,... Continue Reading →

Keep Pedaling, You Can’t Adjust the Level.

Well, today God showed me with His great sense of humor that I cannot go back to a lower level once I'd decided on my direction. You see I was on an exercise bike and though I've worked out regularly, I've been eating everything sweet I can get my hands on the last two weeks so... Continue Reading →

Be ready or Get Left Behind

Just in time for a reminder…

Better Not Bitter

I had to teach my daughter an important lesson about timing this morning. When you’re not ready, you get left behind!


Now Kayla had been a hard sleeper since birth so I’m not surprised by her innate delays every morning…surprised no…annoyed YES!!!


I used to consider it a blessing she slept so hard though…I could have her hair done and have her fully clothed before breakfast when she was younger. The problem is she’s no longer a toddler! She can dress herself!

Sincerely this has become a major pet peeve…yet, while in times passed I’ve warned and waited…today I just left.


Today was the last straw…I even snatched the covers off before I decided my exit…
…and she had the nerve to mention what would Jesus do…my reply, Jesus would say get up!!! Take up your mat and walk!  Apparently she considered herself awake though she was still lazing in…

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Do I have the Grace to Begin Again?

Randomness...a candid conversation with me and My Heavenly Father...5 minutes of what it've been warned...unedited   Do I have the grace to begin again? It's a question I ponder every now and then? In between the meantime and his "mean" times? Maybe to consider him gruff would be a bit too much. I know... Continue Reading →

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