Ladies, Tear off the Tag!

“Labels are sticky and hard to remove!” I remember when I first heard those words, I was captivated by them. It spoke to me because it seemed like whenever I found myself as an involuntary referee between my kids’ war of words, I would often say, “If you know you’re not “this or that,” why are you arguing over who you know you are not?

This morning I want to challenge you to consider tearing off the tag others may have placed on you! Your worth is not determined by what or who others decide to call you. Your worth was already predetermined as “fearless and wonderfully made” in “His image” and as the “apple of God’s eye” so there is no sense in even considering the words of the enemy! Yes, I said the enemy and I meant the enemy.  Now don’t get it twisted, that does not mean that the person who is attempting to “insult you” or bring you down is your enemy. The enemy uses those closest to you sometimes to discount who you are. Rather, when you allow yourself to believe the lies that are placed on you, you discount yourself.  It’s as if you are voluntarily putting yourself on sale to the lowest bidder.

Is that mess even worth your time, energy, or effort? If you think so, it shouldn’t be. I know for a long time I used to be overly concerned about what people thought of me… so much that I “dumbed” myself down to fit in with people who would never be on my level intellectually. I believed the lie. That was then and I’m so glad to embrace my now I could scream!  

I don’t have to worry about whether a person I meet calls me by my name or not because I know I will only answer to the name God gave me because it is the only one that applies. It took me a long time to get back to this place and in the meantime I’ve learned a lot about me. I’m not type A or Type B…I’m not really an introverted extravert…I just am who I am. So I guess I consider myself type Nadia! I mean I am the only me available on the planet so I’m pretty freakin’ special.  

Know that you are as well. Yes, people say this and that and some of the “things” about you may be  factual, but they don’t have to be true. I know some might wonder what I meant by that, but let me put it this way. It is a fact that I once acted very promiscuous, however, the truth is that my worth is still well above rubies…was then and is now…I just didn’t realize it before so yes, I sold myself short. Now, I know better so it’s my privilege to wait for God’s best.

You see somehow I loss sight of my royal connection…so glad to reclaim my royalty! I want you ladies to do the same…if you’re wearing your crown now…great….rock it well!  If not, allow God to pick you up and place it on your head where it belongs. That said, ladies tear off the tags because your worth is priceless!

I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think!

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