Almost Overwhelmed

The last few weeks have been interesting..

For lack of a better word, some might conclude “hard,” however, even as I sit in this ER waiting room, I’m comforted with My Father’s love for me and my children. This time the enemy sought to injure my son…earlier this week, he sought to injure my daughter…still earlier this month, he sought to take me out on the highway. There’s one little problem he forgot about, I’m The King’s Kid and I know no weapon formed against me will be able to prosper and thst EVERY EVIL WORD THAT RISES UP AGAINST ME WILL BE PUT TO SHAME. So…with regard to what others see as an obvious reason to sink into despair, I have chosen a different stance. I’ve decided to rejoice because I’m keenly aware of how much more God cares for me in the midst of all of this. I’m more aware of His Presence and because of that my focus on purpose is sharpened. How counterproductive it would seemthe enemy’s ploys have become!

God knows me so well…He reminded me yesterday to watch Him…to Listen…to Follow Him…so knowing some things Only God can fix, I’ve concluded rest my best option…rest in God’s Presence surrounding me…rest in my awareness of His Provision for me…rest in the faithfulness of His heart towards me…rest on the permanence of His word…rest in timing of His response…I’m learning how completely fruitless reactions are…I choose to respond in faith that this too will be of good use…I marvel at the Lord’s Majesty and His track record…fear of failure has no place in my life or the lived of my seed…negativity must cease the moment it encounters my presence…for what does the light have in common with the darkness? 

A glimpse into my world might be daunting for those who hadn’t been privy to it years prior…

Yet, because I’ve been here before and I remember how God came through then, I refuse to allow worry to rob me of another moment now…I’d been on the verge of giving birth to a miracle through countless attacks before…then I was promised a safe delivery…a timely rescue…labor subsided and the joy of birth made the pain an afterthought.


I’ve decided to consider even this a distraction…as fruitless as worry is…it is still but the byproduct of unbelief…I, like the concerned father of the demon-possessed boy in the bible, requested that Christ help my unbelief…indeed He has…

So while I was almost overwhelmed when news of my son’s injury topped the list of “issues”I’ve faced lately, O marvel at how I almost allowed the enemy steal my attention. I almost allowed myself to lose sight of the bigger picture…Yet, now I know My God as Jehovah Roi because He sees all I endure…His grace wholly covers me and my children and I’m secure in His protection…For this reason I’m glad to know almost doesn’t count. At least not to me anymore.

©2016 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved

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