Exclude Wisely

When you are conscious about your disconnections, you understand the necessity of having appropriate relational circles. Rather, my suggestion is that you consider having semi-circle relationships instead. Semi-circle relationships are those that have infinite access to God’s presence on one side and an open “evolving” door to every other relationship. Basically, the relationships on the latter side must be able to evolve. Otherwise, they must dissolve. Your inner semi-circle should be comprised of those who reciprocably sharpen one another spiritually, challenge one another mentally, and support one another emotionally.  We must be emotionally mature enough to discern every relationship’s expiration date. With regard to #seasonsandassignments understand that you must set boundaries to prevent those who are not meant to follow you into your next season from tagging along. God only knows why Abraham allowed Lot to join him when He told him to leave the familiar. Perhaps it was guilt because Lot had no father. Still, the lesson to learn here should be one of observation and not of experimentation. Basically, Abraham had drama and confusion between himself and Lot already. It’s been documented so as we read the text of this account, we are able to see what “not” to do when God  says go. There is no law that says you must learn from your own mistakes. In fact, I’m convinced we all woukd be a lot wiser if we would get a clue from the mistakes of others. That said, don’t allow false guilt over your need to disconnect from those who “knew you when” keep you attached to leeches. Know your desire to detach from parasitic relationships is growth. Healthy relationships are comprised of individuals who genuinely celebrate and encourage that growth in one another. That said, the wrong people will paralyze your path to destiny. So while you’re growing spiritually by getting rid of “a lot” of mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes.Choose to exclude wisely.

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