When Love Knocks…

My Disclaimer...just words I scrawled from my heart a few months ago...and I added a few lines just now...found it today and decided to share...it is what it is...feeling some kinda way... When love knocks... How do you find the courage to answer?  My question seemed pretty simple...only it was met with another question...Have you... Continue Reading →

The Beat of Forgiveness

So the other day I had a moment...of hysterics some might say...of desperation others might insist...of uncertainty and humility I admit...still so relevant is my peace...calm in this storm...helps me rejoice in the ability to slip on shoes I hadn't worn before. This place Am I meant to remain? Am I to go there? Confusion... Continue Reading →

Do I have the Grace to Begin Again?

Randomness...a candid conversation with me and My Heavenly Father...5 minutes of what it is...you've been warned...unedited   Do I have the grace to begin again? It's a question I ponder every now and then? In between the meantime and his "mean" times? Maybe to consider him gruff would be a bit too much. I know... Continue Reading →

Privilege of the Pause

Just more random thoughts...of course unedited 😁 I'm convinced the one problem, if it could be called that, with being a visionary is finding the off switch in my mind or perhaps it is as simple as locating an appropriate landing spot for dreams to be born. As if the recording device in my brain... Continue Reading →

Funny thing…Love

Heavenly Father,   I come thanking You for Your discipline...I'd be lying if I said I liked it...You know my heart so that's pointless. Father, help me to take the advice I so readily give others...Help me to listen and do what You want. I don't want to keep taking the same tests over and... Continue Reading →

In the mean time

Disclaimer:  This is some random thought...very unedited...just came to me in about ten minutes...but words have always soothed my spirit so I'm not sure if this is an essay, spoken word, but it just is... I've been considered gullible for a long time. I'm sort of ashamed to admit that now. I mean as a... Continue Reading →

Grace to Begin Again

After avoiding the trend Being Out and In Out and In Again Love Dared Near A Dream Fulfilled Eagerness willed A gift held so dear In wait she prayed While others games played Yet, hers, He alone had made Only one was due Only one who’d pursue Her needs in every way In head plans... Continue Reading →

The Decision to Kill Myself

So I decided to hasten to His voice Granted by choice Ignoring logic for longing My heart Time to part My preference made Expense paid Not by ordinary means Though a norm it seems My demise-inevitable One unforgettable One a world to see My new reality My seed will be well No tears will swell No... Continue Reading →

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