Fix that Door and Move On!

Laughter is my best medicine. I must find the funny in everything to function and no, I'm not mental! So...basically, I planned to go to bowling the other day...was dressed and for a change would have actually been on time (the Lord is yet working on me in this area) Anyway...I go to open the door to leave and there... Continue Reading →

Privilege of the Pause

Just more random thoughts...of course unedited 😁 I'm convinced the one problem, if it could be called that, with being a visionary is finding the off switch in my mind or perhaps it is as simple as locating an appropriate landing spot for dreams to be born. As if the recording device in my brain... Continue Reading →

Unveiled-God had me covered all along

I've written about the butterfly's transition before and I thought I was pretty much done with that analogy, but then I considered the process I've experienced and the new territory I've been given. That old cocoon of who I used to be was dark and dreary.  I couldn't see my way and there were times I cried... Continue Reading →

Change is Constant-Get Used to It!

If you really plan to walk in the destiny designed for you, prepare to get uncomfortable!  Prepare to walk into areas that are unfamiliar! Dare to do something great and know that your steps may not be understood by those closest to you. Why? Discomfort is a prerequisite of excellence. However, this type of discomfort is... Continue Reading →

Another One Bites the Dust

I really thought that I was done writing about this subject, but of course, God has decided otherwise. I saw the article the other day about Christian rocker Trey Pearson coming out to his fans in an emotional letter and tried to ignore it. For those who have been following my blog a while you... Continue Reading →

Just Flow

So in the last few months I've gotten three marriage proposals of sorts and I decided to consider it not odd. I'm a great catch. No, I'm not conceited, but from here on out I've decided to fully embrace all I have to offer.....completely be myself with no apologies, and live the life God's given me to... Continue Reading →

Just a Temporary Inconvenience

Hmmm...well considering that the title of my blog is Better Not Bitter, I understand my obligation to forgive quickly. That was not always the case of course. Holding grudges was my middle name and I even thought for a time that doing so made me happy...I was so wrong. ! That said, it's only fair... Continue Reading →

So I’m single again…just call me Rachel

Random info...continue at your own risk...unedited so yes there are typos... "Uh huh...I think I was in love with the idea of being in love. It's not God's will so this is goodbye." I know...I seems like something straight out of a Hallmark movie channel script, right? well, it's least not yet. Those were... Continue Reading →

Why am I still posting about Marriage? Man, I don’t know!

Trust this obedience to the Holy Spirit has me a bit spooked myself, but I'm going with it.... Yes, while I was perusing some of my old posts I came across this same little issue and felt the need to further discuss it....again... Okay I mentioned this the other day and the day before that... Continue Reading →

Don’t Rush the Process

  Last year a friend made this comment about her relationship at the time, "I mean I want to be married like yesterday!"   Apparently, her biological clock was ticking louder than she cared to hear... I mean really?  We've all seen some aspect of a "Bridezilla" whether on the reality show or in reality... Continue Reading →

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