Change is Constant-Get Used to It!

If you really plan to walk in the destiny designed for you, prepare to get uncomfortable!  Prepare to walk into areas that are unfamiliar! Dare to do something great and know that your steps may not be understood by those closest to you. Why? Discomfort is a prerequisite of excellence.

However, this type of discomfort is a good thing. It refines you and doesn’t harm you although at times it may hurt . It is meant to sharpen your sense of God’s presence and His provision. If you are creative, you are meant to be a leader so there’s really no way around it.  You need to get used to being uncomfortable.

Think about it. We are naturally creatures of habit. Change hurts. However, change is necessary to tap into the extent of your greatness. Think of the butterfly’s metamorphosis! download-11.jpg.jpeg

Transformation takes time and is sometimes lonely.  The thing that you must keep in mind is that though the place you are in may seem dark and isolated, as a child of God, you are protected in the process.

God sometimes has to get you shut off to outside influences so that distraction doesn’t have an opportunity to create an underdeveloped blob of what you “could” be…an unfinished product if you will…

Back to that old Butterflyand a bit of etymology behind the word “distract”

from Latin distractus, past participle of distrahere “draw in different directions,” from dis- “away” (see dis-) + trahere “to draw”

If you were to cut open a cocoon before the process has been completed, you’ll end up with that blob I mentioned…what’s more…if you see a butterfly struggling to emerge from the cocoon and help it, that same butterfly will still die because it needed the time of isolation and the struggle to allow it to gain the strength it needs to fly!

Don’t allow the little things to get you off track.  Yes, change is constant and you should definitely get used to it.  However, you must understand that though the process is uncomfortable, it’s definitely required to allow the greatness within you to soar above ground level.

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