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Heavenly Father,   I come thanking You for Your discipline...I'd be lying if I said I liked it...You know my heart so that's pointless. Father, help me to take the advice I so readily give others...Help me to listen and do what You want. I don't want to keep taking the same tests over and... Continue Reading →

Grace for the Gay Life

"I'm just letting you know that if I get suspended from school on Tuesday, it's for a good reason." Granted, that is not exactly the greeting I'd hoped to get from my 17 year old son who'd been driving me "nuts" with the way he'd been "flubbing" up his grades lately... However,  yesterday I knew... Continue Reading →

Don’t Force the Fit

Let's face it there are some people who are not meant to be a part of your life anymore. Cliche as it may be, it's the truth.  There are some people who were only meant to stick around for a while.  And that "while" does not equate to making it last forever! I still don't really understand... Continue Reading →

Newsflash: God Loves Homosexuals Too!!!

So this morning I've found myself more grateful for the gift of boldness I've been given. I suppose I have edited my comments on this subject keeping quiet, but that would be too easy so here goes something. Disclaimer:  By the way, from now on I've decided to not edit my posts until after the first... Continue Reading →

Rest for His BeLoved

The benefits of true rest are amazing!!! Maybe I'm feeling a bit nostalgic because I'm that much closer to 40!  Oh is my the way... About this time last year, I realized the importance of resurrecting the relationships that matter, however, though I've reconnected with family and friends lately, the one person I've still neglected is myself.... Continue Reading →

Removed for Restoration

I remember a few years ago someone posted the following on Facebook, "In life there are two certainties: You’ll never get everything you want and you’ll never want everything you get." Pretty Depressing Huh?   Of course I commented at the time and today I feel the need to elaborate. In a nutshell then, I... Continue Reading →

Are You Choking on Unforgiveness?

If I remained in complete denial of my condition, I could easily chop up my excessive coughing lately to spring fever.  I mean things are in bloom now so that would be a great excuse. But I know better and hopefully after reading this post, you will too! I really thought I was over this unforgiveness... Continue Reading →

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