Unveiled-God had me covered all along

I’ve written about the butterfly’s transition before and I thought I was pretty much done with that analogy, but then I considered the process I’ve experienced and the new territory I’ve been given. That old cocoon of who I used to be was dark and dreary.  I couldn’t see my way and there were times I cried out for help only to be told to “stand up.”


How on earth could I be expected to stand in such cramped quarters?  Since that directive was given, I get it now. I think I understand a little bit better as to how that butterfly came into just being…that butterfly spun that web around itself for protection and stayed in that dark place while it was a mere worm. I thought about it…how did that worm know it was time to emerge as the butterfly?

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It knew because that dark place became unbearable. It knew because that small place was not enough room for it to spread its wings.  It knew because it decided to stand up and break through that temporary mold that housed it for what seemed like an eternity. A butterfly doesn’t have claws so it couldn’t have escaped that cocoon by clawing its way out.  It doesn’t have fangs as some animals do so it couldn’t have bitten its way through either.  What it did have were legs.


It had the same thing it went into the cocoon with only, fewer and stronger than before. That’s because before the legs were meant to navigate the ground for a time, but something in that little worm longed for the bigger and better things awaiting it beyond the trees…so the little worm had to climb…that little worm used all the strength it had in all those short legs to reach the top only to have an insatiable urge to isolate itself there.  And so the cocoon was created…this was that little worm’s habitat for a time.  In the expanse of darkness, God still hovered over this “being in transition” just as He had in the beginning.  He allowed it to take the legs it had been used to standing on and use them to create a new structure meant only to direct its future paths.  And so the time came and this butterfly knew it couldn’t stand being cramped a moment longer…at His word, it did what it was told to do.  The butterfly finally broke through the darkness…the shame…the humiliation…the trauma of what was…to emerge into the light of what was to come….a new vantage point…a new perspective…a new destiny…


And with only a few tries, the blood was flowing in every area that needed it…stronger than ever and so she left the cocoon with slow steps and found herself meandering around the tip of the branch…and flapping one last time she soared…never to see things again from ground level. I am that Blue-Butterfly-butterfly.


©2016 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.


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