Little by Little

Perhaps you’ve heard that God brought the children of Israel out little by little and considering the length of their journey and the years of bondage they endured, one could easily consider that it was definitely a time-consuming process….


God is extremely patient with His children. He doesn’t want any of us to perish…I have to remind myself of this truth from time to time when it seems He’s forgotten about me.

Yes, frustration with circumstances has had me at times tempted to just give up. But I’m glad for the times God takes the time to remind me that the journey is only part of my story…that far too many people would be shortchanged if I decided to just opt out on my future…

Thankfully, I’m learning to come to my senses a bit quicker nowadays. Regardless, the improvement of spiritual reflexes doesn’t stop the enemy’s tricks.

I had a friend tell me that satan will never use big stuff to get you off focus…that the closer you get to your destination he uses little distractions that accumulate….

Question:  Have you allowed little distractions get in the way of you and your destiny?

I’ll be honest…for a minute…maybe a few weeks…months…okay years…I had…but you know I’ve come to a conclusion I should have stuck with from the beginning: The inconveniences I’ve experienced aren’t my final chapter…I’m learning to consider them as plot twists…yes pun was intended…I’m a writer…couldn’t help it.

So though it seems like some of my trials signal the end of my destiny before I have had the opportunity to enjoy it, I recall how God delivered the Israelites little by little.

That truth gives me the strength and faith to keep going.

I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think!

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