It’s Bound to Get Better

I looked back on my level of optimism this time a couple years and I get tickled reminiscing on the reality of my “rich year.”  I’ll be transparent. I was in search of love and prosperity!  I had been dealing with so much of the same cycles that I just knew that 2014 had to be my year!  In a lot of ways I was absolutely right.  I did find love and I did run into prosperity.  However, one look at my actual finances and if you could have peered into the recesses of my heart some months ago, you would think one of two things about me:  That either I was clearly delusional or rather illogical.

I’m glad to say that I was a little bit of both.  Faith  by definition is completely illogical and I suppose my only delusion was that I assumed a mustard seed amount wouldn’t do.  I actually allowed what I’d seen on the surface directly impact my health, my mind, and my emotional well-being in the worse way. Well in a minute, 2015 will be heading out and I’m still somewhere in between where I need and want to be, but I’m still grateful for the learning opportunities I’ve had. With that, though the official Thanksgiving holiday is over, I am glad I’m finally able to embrace the grace that every day brings and because God is faithful I know it’s bound to get better.

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