Originally, I’d planned to entitle this post: Keep it Simple for 2016 and for the rest of your life! But that’s just too long and not simple at all is it?
You know the answer so moving on…
That’s a good point…if you do nothing else with the new year…know that it’s a new opportunity to get over it!!!!


Yep, the grudges, the faults, the mistakes, the bad habits…all of the mess that got you to this point is over and you can’t do anything to change it…so simplify your life by eliminating the excess…both mentally and spiritually. I didn’t say physically because isn’t that what everyone pledges to do every year. …to lose excess pounds…most of which were deliberately gained just one week prior…well…I’m just not going there…it’s been done enough and the fact is…without a complete mental and spiritual upheaval…you’ll not do much more than you did last year with that resolution anyway.

Not griping, just random info, I’m typing and thinking while I wait on my order at McDonald’s to be made…Keeping it simple is about so much more than what I’ve already mentioned, but in my attempt to do so, I’ll just leave it at that this post. Oh, and Happy New Year!!!