Existence is Overrated

I have mentioned before I don’t believe in coincidences.  And while I planned to write a post on Exit Strategies: the proper way to exit a situation, place, or position, every time I attempted to type “Exit” or any derivative, I typed “Existing or Exist.” So given the state of my affairs, I’m sure the Lord has just confirmed I have been doing just that…EXISTING…not really LIVING.


I remember when my friend’s husband remarked “We are existing and others are living.”  His remark was not from a covetous position because that is not his heart.  It was more from a place that longs to see and experience the greater than these position Jesus spoke about before His ascent.


Notice I did not say follow your heart! That’s because the heart is deceitful above all else! Yep, our hearts can trick us!  I know because a while ago I allowed my heart to deceive me…to make me think a humble life equals a financial struggle. Or worse, I once actually believed being religious was the same as having a relationship with Christ.

I’ve said for at least nine years I will be wealthy one day so I’ve had to wonder lately where the disconnect occurred.  And when I say wealthy, I’m not talking just financially. Those who are genuinely wealthy have abundance in every area not just money. In fact scattered all over this country are millions who have millions but who are completely bankrupt emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so money is only one factor.

How was I not living? In Purpose? On Purpose? How was I just another mass taking up space on the planet?

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I mean, a few years ago, I was a dare-devil for lack of a better word…always ambitious…rarely afraid to step out and find out, but something shifted in the wrong direction and I’m tired of it!!!!  I’m not ranting.  It’s more of an AHA moment…funny how certain storms bring out the best in you!

Regardless the Lord placed it on my heart Sunday morning to do something radical but I found myself choking at the prospect of being “uncomfortable” on purpose for purpose.  I recall a time before when this happened except I was really choking…coughing…not faking…not laughing…Still, what God was trying to tell me didn’t click until my friend said what I think I already knew: “Quit Choking on Change.”

While I won’t share the exact details of the radical steps God’s shown me to take towards my destiny so far, but I do want to encourage you to check your pulse often!

God would not have placed the desire in your heart to do more if you were not meant for it so stop existing and live!


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