Step Out and Find Out-A Rich Year Awaits

Happy Rich Year!

I am full of faith! Yet,  I hadn’t considered it as my “rich year” until my brother sent a reminder in response to my traditional, “Happy New Year” text. His suggestion,”speak it and it will happen.” Of course, at 2 am, it didn’t really register as anything more than a “name it and claim it” cliche. After a few hours of sleep, thankfully, his advice registered.

I thought about all I’d sought to achieve and how God had given me the green light to pursue my dreams years ago. Only, I delayed the process.

Long story short…I’ve been working on several books for what seems like several years and well, things have been prolonged unnecessarily.

So why aren’t my books on the shelves yet?

I’d be lying if I said money was the culprit. I’ve already got the contract with the publishing company signed and sealed….

Only, I haven’t exactly delivered! (Literally, that is…I still have the originals)

Could FEAR be my bully?

It would seem so…

I could rattle off a long list of why I should be fearful:

  • Like the sea of competition
  • The complete lack of privacy
  • My past

YET, while plausible, those excuses just don’t cut it….My problem hasn’t been fear….

As I reflected this morning, I’d realized my procrastination had led to a gradual descent.

Peter, shared the same claim, I suppose.

No doubt you’ve heard of Peter walking on water. If not, check out Mathew 14:22-31….great read….

Well, I’ve run into this passage a lot lately.  In fact, just a few weeks ago, my pastor revisited it in his sermon.  He emphasized how Peter didn’t immediately sink either.

I re-read the passage today and I realized my problem had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with faith!

The thought of that revelation makes me cringe a bit even now considering all God has done for me.

But didn’t I have some faith?

Hadn’t I stepped out and contacted the publishing company with my proposal? When they agreed to accept it, hadn’t I paid them for their services?

Of course, so where’s the problem?

Considering I’d done all of that over two years ago, I think I’ve found it. I started with great faith, but I didn’t maintain it.  Instead, I allowed the storm distract me from my purpose.

Yes, like Peter, I’d stepped out of the boat, took a look around, got distracted, and stopped walking .

I know that God is faithful and I am fully aware that any talent I possess is only by His grace, so this year, while resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking litter social media, I’ve resolved to just keep walking.

I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think!

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