Tug away if you want to… you’re on your own!

Though Guardian couldn’t understand my words, I still felt obligated to voice them aloud as he sniffed and tugged closer and closer to this monster anyway:

download (3)

Now for some of you who like bugs…this pic may do nothing for you, but for an “arachnophobe” like myself, the fact that this sucker couldn’t do much as harm to some other spiders doesn’t matter!  Seeing a spider like this after the sun was up as if it had no plans of hiding away like some of the others do, freaked me out.

So trust had my dog continued as he started,tugging away from me, and gotten tangled in this thing’s web, he would have clearly been on his own!

download (5)

Thankfully, my dog is alive and well and he avoided the obviously human-sized web that bad boy had concocted…Or maybe it was a a bad girl…Aren’t they bigger anyway?download (7)

Anyway…I tugged him out of harms way just in time.  Now considering that dogs try to eat most moving objects smaller than themselves anyway, I doubt my dog Guardian would not have been phased by the spider crawling around on his coat.  I, on the other hand, got a completely different message…

Yes, again, God used my dogs to teach me something about my own level of disobedience.

Basically, like I told my dog, “I could tug away from the way He was leading me if I wanted to—that’s free will—but when I get from under His protection, I’m on my own….

download (4)

I admit my dogs have run away a few times before when I lived in AR…oddly enough they always came back . Usually because I’d go and physically get them, but later I stopped searching for them and waited until they returned on their own.

Like prodigals, they were usually filthy, hungry, and tired too.  Of course because I love them…I was happy to see them, clean them,  and feed them anyway.

I noticed a pattern though so to curb it I did all I had done before but added the rod of correction to the “seats of their understanding!”  They got the hint.  And I’m sure they didn’t like the way it felt.download (1)

In fact, now all I have to do is say, “Don’t even think about it” and Guardian tends to stop what he’s doing and gets back on track.

In a way, lately my weakened faith has had God telling me, “Don’t even think about it” too.

He’s reminded me of not thinking about the negative and what I see, but to think about the blessings and ways He’s made before to strengthen my faith again.

Like my over-sized pups, I really don’t like the way discipline feels either.  Yet, I’ll take God’s discipline over His distance any day!  

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