Overwhelmed By Grace

God did it!!!
I must admit that for a minute I was feeling like Job…well for a few months I suppose…


I’m so thankful!!! I planned months ago that I would visit my brother and the rest of my family in LA for Christmas. What I didn’t plan for was all of the things that would attempt to make that trip impossible. The ER bill was the icing on the cake…$5200 due before I could even make the appointment for the specialist they recommended…throw in car trouble, electrical issues, washer and dryer gone out, luggage stolen, a break-up, and a disconnect notice from the water company… without the grace of God, I could have easily caved under the weight of these issues.

…so last night I finally cried…I hadn’t allowed real tears flow since seeing my mother and even then those turned quickly to tears of joy.  My tears were of a broken heart last night…silent ones…my children were not aware.  I waited until I finished cooking for them and suddenly I had no appetite of my own. I opted for an early slumber. Though I had begun feeling slightly better, I still clung to the excuse that I needed more rest…before getting in bed, I knelt, but midway through I stood and plopped in bed still talking breathlessly with my eyes swollen…There was too much I didn’t understand about the way things were going in my life.

My prayer was simple…

Lord, you know I want to visit my brother and family this Christmas…You said, if I delight myself in You, that I can ask anything in Your name and it will be done. Lord please allow my water to stay on until I get paid…I can’t let my children see me fail again.

This morning, I said to myself…I don’t know how He’s gonna do it, but I know He will. I admitted to my co-worker that my biggest issue is not a lack of faith, but resisting the urge to try to guess how He’s gonna do it.

My water was scheduled to be off yesterday…while many may think it small…it’s still running…but today is Tuesday…payday is Friday, but God did it!!!

I’ve been ballin’ all evening with gratitude over the huge hearts of my co-workers…God used them as my angels today…

My kids had already been okay with exchanging gifts after the holidays if then because they are aware of our financial situation…I just want you all to know…when you think no one is watching you God is and He allows others to be blessed by the way you go through…when asked if I needed anything for Christmas…I said a gas card…I’m not tooting my own horn, but God knows even though I give my last at times, I’ve always had a problem asking for help from anyone except Him.



I admit there have been times when I’ve even hesitated asking Him for what I need…yesterday…He reminded me not to worry by allowing a car turn in front of me with John 14 on the license plate…Yet, my heart was heavy all morning dreading to have to make that call to my brother again to let him know that I wouldn’t be able to make it again.

When, my manager came over and began telling me how awesome I am…I’m a wuss so I was in tears just from the words, but then He gave me a gift bag with something for my son…a new Baseball glove…He’s playing baseball for Parkview this year…God was watching when my son chose it and I told him that I couldn’t afford that one yet. We chose a lesser one for practice. Yet, the blessings did not stop there…The card they gave me was not just stuffed with some of the warmest messages, but full of gift cards and cash!!!! And not some measly amount either! Hundreds…My God I’m grateful…I didn’t know how, but I knew He would#overwhelmed

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