This is perhaps the shortest title I’ve ever written for a post, but I’m sure all of you are tech saavy enough to know what that means…Anywho …

Well, today I’m just going to drop a little bit of wisdom on your borrowing a line from one of my favorite R&B groups from back in the day, “Don’t Talk, Just Listen”  Now while I have written on the subject before…at least I think I have…anyway….

Okay, I have but it’s in one of those drafts I mentioned I need to get done.

I remember one time I used to have a little problem with running my mouth as if I knew it all…


No seriously, I remember when it came to an abrupt demise too.

What had happened was…(yes, I know that is incorrect grammar)

Anyway, I overheard one of my co-workers call another co-worker the “wrong name!”

Or so I thought…

No one asked for my assistance, but I interjected it anyway.   Naturally I assumed I was right.

Need I really say anything more about assumptions? 

Didn’t think so!

She answered in such a genuinely kind voice…she’s a pastor’s wife…why was that necessary?

ADD moment…tumblr_m63kkpNuuL1qzav42o1_1280

No, you don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve known her since before you were born.

That said, I’ve revealed yet another embarrassing life lesson.

Sometimes we don’t get the point so quickly…

I spoke to a woman not long ago who called for my help.  Yet, the moment I opened my mouth, she quickly cut me off with, “I know that hon, but I’m talking about the  yadda, yadda, yadda.”

So what did I do?  I did as any wise person would.  I shut up and waited for her to finish telling me “everything she knew.”

images (60)

Long story short…when she finally stopped I was able to tell her just enough to get her motor running again.

She listened for a minute and really didn’t allow me to tell her much else because she was all “IKR”

Yep, she knew soooooo much that she had to call back and ask for more help….again…and again…

Do you really think it was a coincidence that she got me three times in a row that day?


I’m not bashing the woman, I’m merely pointing out how sometimes we can be so quick to “know it all” that we prove just how little we do know….to us and to whoever else is in earshot. I believe that God was teaching her a lesson that we all should take more seriously.

She was in such a rush to get things done that she ended up wasting more time and energy making u-turns than she would have had she simply slowed down, attentively listened to instruction, and allowed me to guide her in the process the first time.

Since my own little rush to misjudgment, I have made it a point to mind my own business, however,  I have found myself on occasion not fully listening to what God has said to do.

For instance, I believe God wants me to be married.   Only, when I first got that word, I just ran with it.  I never stopped and gathered all the necessary info.  Two divorces later, I’m definitely only seeking God’s advice from here on out…

Do you really want to go through what I went through? I hope not.

I thank God for His Grace and Deliverance! I’m grateful for the process because through it I finally obtained wholeness.  However, if I could have gotten to this place a little simpler, trust, I would have…

That said, the next time you are tempted to text or even think IKR, please for your own good make sure you actually do!

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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