Hang Up Your Hiccups

The other morning the craziest thing happened.  I got the hiccups in mid-prayer!

It didn’t make sense because I just woke up! So…not to sound all super-duper spiritual and all, but I went for my bible.  I don’t believe in coincidences and I’m learning more and more to rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading so that’s that on that.

However,  every time my eyes would settle on a passage, I’d hiccup and lose my focus. So I got up and went to my dictionary instead.

Yep, I completely forgot about getting some water.  download (1)

Anyway, the first definition I found…well…

A medical doctor I am not!  Nor do I ever intend to be in the medical field, so all the talk about the epiglottis and diaphragm contractions was no where near what I needed to know. What caught my attention, however, was the second definition.


Basically, a hiccup is considered a “setback.” It went on to say that it is “usually a minor one.”  And get this, the moment I understood how it applied to my life, my hiccups stopped!

So yes, I guess God was trying to tell me something and I’m grateful for the revelation.  He allowed me to realize the uncomfortable situation I been dealing with (you know financial woes, issues with my kids, and even bouts with unforgiveness) were just minor setbacks and better yet, they were only temporary.

I have a typical job and while I’m grateful for the opportunity to be employed at a ministry, however, ministering to those who have been hurt and forgotten is what pleases me the most.   So I guess it could be said that I’m fulfilled….


I want more…I want to do more…I know God has designed me for more…I want to break out of this box like yesterday!

I have so many ideas…that are demanding to get out!!!


Do you have dreams that you have yet to fulfill? Have you allowed someone else to finish what you haven’t had the courage to start?  Have you allowed fear to paralyze you before the next step in the process?  Sometimes the only way you can truly see God in all His faithfulness is when you take a step. And that step might mean a step away from the familiar: a relationship, a job, or even a lifestyle.


I’m most at peace writing about the Lord, speaking about His presence, just being where He wants me to be, and could really care less about much else.  God opened my eyes the other morning with a new determination to complete the purpose He started in my life so many years ago.

It’s been a long time since I’d started that journey, but God allowed me to see that I’d previously allowed the hiccups–yes, the setbacks-usually minor–curtail my faith and the process He had assigned to my life.   He allowed me to see that my faithfulness to His purpose was far more important that any 9-5. All the while, God’s remained my source.  He’s allowed me to go through illness that has caused me to work less, thus, getting paid less, but I haven’t skipped a beat.  The Lord truly is my Shepherd!  I can no longer allow the busy to-do lists divert my attention any longer from God’s already-done list.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t have to worry about holding my breath or relying on fear to jolt me into what God has for me.  I just have to remain consistent in seeking Him and allow Him to direct my path.

This morning I realized that God was waiting on me.  I’m not advocating that you walk away from your job tomorrow, but I am advising you to examine yourself and your surroundings.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that where you are right now is not a good place.  It might just not be the place you need to be anymore.  With that, I’ve hung up my hiccups, now it’s your turn.

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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