Remembering the Good Times

I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to see another day!  Memorial Day can be the hardest time for so many every year.  Especially those who have lost a son or daughter in war…I’ve lost a lot of loved ones over the years  though not to war, it still doesn’t make their passing any easier.  What does make it easier is remembering the good times. Laughing out loud when I am confronted with a situation that mirrors the fun I shared with them.  I’ve been called a woos because it seems that I cry over every little sentimental thing on television or in person.


I’m sensitive and I’m not ashamed of it, but lately I’ve found that my tears have new meaning when it comes to the thoughts of my mother, aunts, and uncles who’ve gone on to be with the Lord.  Now, I’ve found myself shedding tears of joy….not just because they are in a better place, but in remembrance of the times we shared together…we all seemed to be in a better place because we were together. My mother and I had our contentions for years, but some of the things she did and said were priceless! They will forever remain with me.  My brother sent me a video clip the other day of the way that he wakes up his daughter’s in the mornings with a song. The first one was a classic and the one I remember most. Mama used to do that.  “Wake up cried Paul Revere, shake a leg, shake a leg, shake a tuna fish leg!”

I doubt that I will ever forget that.  I don’t ever want to either. Who knew she was teaching us a history lesson?


She seemed to make everything a song. It reassures me that while the mental illness that plagued her for so long even had to rest and allow her to be the loving person God created her to be some of the time. Today, I’m grateful for some of those times. ..some of those memories…some of those treasures.

So this Memorial Day, I invite you to take time out not to focus on the ones you’ve loss, but to focus on the ones you’ve loved.  And if by chance there’s was a rift that didn’t seem to get mended before their passing, forgive yourself and remember the good times.

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