Hello Family,

“Some children would not have a Christmas if it were not for the  generosity of others.”
I heard this pitch on the radio today…it’s matched countless others I’ve heard this time of year…I’m reluctant to say, ” this holiday season.”


The petition is made with great intent I’m sure…to coax others to give to those less fortunate. Until this morning, my heart had never been grieved by the statements or even by those like it. In fact, before I’d found myself in a predicament considered “less fortunate” I used to jump at the chance to support the Angel tree and to serve others in financial ways whenever possible. I remember my son bringing it to my attention how I’ve given to others when I really didn’t have much myself. I’m in no means tooting my own horn here because I know that without God’s grace, I wouldn’t have the heart to give of myself or my resources at any time.


Perhaps my circumstance and my thirst for a closer walk with Christ is what led me to feel the need to carry such a heavy burden even before I dotted the door of Hope Church this morning!

This is His Season!

No gift was ever so precious and priceless than that of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, it seems that many of us have forgotten the original reason for this season. I’m not pointing fingers or trying to legalize the spirit of giving. However, just in case there are some offended by my admission, I feel no need to apologize for I know such a burning wouldn’t have been placed in my heart otherwise. With that I admonish You to consider the magnitude of God’s gift to the world when you give to others in tangible ways.

It’s great to be able to give material gifts. Yet,ensure that no matter what time of year you give them that you do so from the perspective that Christ’s birth is the real reason to celebrate every season.



Hope B. Loved