Reverse Your Worse

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You can’t predict the issues you’ll face, but you can choose your response as issues arise. That said, I suggest you reverse your worse and live fulfilled!

I know it seems so easy to say that doesn’t it?  Of course it does. The challenge is in your follow through.  Well, this is not a time to point the finger to anything  or anybody else!  If it were, we could use up the whole day laying out the reasons why we choose to do the same old thing.

Nope, the blame of your ordinary existence is in your hands alone.


In case you’re as fuzzy about your future and how to walk in your purpose as I was until VERY recently, here are four tips that can jolt you into your new norm: fulfilling your destiny.

  1. Be present and accountable. Realize that you were not created for the sole purpose of keeping yourself company.  No, you were created to impact the lives of others in a positive way.  If you are too busy meandering between regrets and missed opportunities of yesterday you not only risk the demise of your future, but also that of those who are destined to follow your lead…whether it be your children, other family members, friends, or even strangers.   Yes, even you matter!
  2. Only give your past a glance.  The past is the past.  The decisions you make today will impact your tomorrow. So if you have made mistakes, learn from them and move on. You can’t drive a car forward looking in the rear view mirror so focus on your future and not the past.  Even in a car, the rear view mirror is only there to give you a perspective of where you are. Your past need only be a point of reference.  Keep it in drive!
  3. Be proactive not reactive.  Dwelling on the mistake will not change the results, but each day you have the opportunity to make a better decision than the day before. Accept that while you cannot change the past, you can strategically create a better future by choosing a different approach in advance.
  4. Keep moving.  It starts with accepting what’s happened and it continues by  being determined to keep walking regardless of how slow the progress seems.  It is indeed true that good things come to those who wait, so  as long as you are not standing still just know that every step is one step closer today than you were yesterday. So embrace the steady approach and achieve it!

Time is the one commodity we can’t get back so why waste it? Now if you are in the place where you want to be…fulfilling your destiny,  congratulations! Otherwise, be determined to reverse your situation by focusing on the future you want and not the one you thought you were handed.


©2015 Nadia Davis.  All Rights Reserved.


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