Use Your Stage

Did you know your life’s a stage?  Yes, even if you’re the most reclusive introvert on the planet, you too have an audience! Of course, God sees everything. But get this,  whether you realize it or not, many others, including your kids, co-workers, and even strangers take note also.

Considering that, as Christians our obedience is far more beneficial than we think.  On the flip side, our disobedience is that much more harmful.  Yes, it may be easier to look and act as if accepting Christ has no impact to “fit in”, but when Christ truly dwells within, a new creature emerges.

Disclaimer: Withdrawal symptoms should be expected because world’s way is somewhat addictive, but the love of Christ is much stronger.

So there’s no needed to be discouraged! Even with a few mistakes, we still have the right to be a witness because of the blood of Jesus!

Now witnessing does not mean we morph into bible-toting robots ready condemning everyone as if we’ve “arrived.” Surely, this is a sore misconception about the body of Christ. Yes, to be a Christian literally means”Little Anointed Ones” and we are expected to be just that, however, that in no way means that we are Jesus Jr.  Rather, when we rely on the Holy Spirit to help us share with others all God has done that we are like Christ.

Our testimony’s not for us so we can’t clam up when the opportunity presents itself. And trust me, it will!  By sharing with others all He’s doing in our lives, we are showing others just how loving our Father is.   Who knows, your life may be the only glimmer of God’s grace someone sees.

That said, we cannot be afraid to share our moments of weakness with others who may be where we were a short time ago.  After all, nothing we do or say can make God hate us!  Nothing! So when self-condemnation creeps in, remind yourself of God’s promises!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son….That nothing can ever separate us from the love of God….That even in our sins, He sent His son to die so that we wouldn’t have to…

Yes, a testimony is a sacrifice, but every seed produces a harvest. Better yet, when we share our triumphs, we provide others hope. Now isn’t that worth putting on center stage?

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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