I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been since I’ve written about a lesson God showed me through my daughter Kayla, but I feel like this message is one that deserves some attention.

“It’s already ready so why do you want to add more time to it?”

As usual, a simple question was met with a powerful revelation!

She set the timer on the microwave to heat up some leftover cheese dip for breakfast-images (1)

Yes, I realize I didn’t have to share exactly what she was heating up, but for the sake of  those moms like me who occasionally feed their kids just about anything in the morning to get out the door, I left that in there for guiltless pleasure…

Anyway…she timed it for a minute and a half. However, as she got on her shoes, she asked me to add another 30 seconds after the timer stopped.

My response was not just what I needed to say, but also what I needed to hear.images (12)

When I attended service Sunday afternoon I stumbled onto a passage in my bible highlighting God’s timing, but for whatever reason I still considered the magnitude of the next steps in my process insurmountable in that moment.

I recalled the notion of having the audacity to ask God for the unimaginable in the presence of the people…to believe for the unthinkable in the presence of those who were meant to follow my footsteps. The morning speaker’s words penetrated my being in his reference to Joshua’s request to have the sun stand still. I’d been taken to that passage before…only then I asked God to make my “gas stand still”


Yes, the struggle has been real!

Not trivializing the depth of Joshua’s request…but I really did request that when I was brought to that passage before last Sunday. There was a difference then though. I asked, but didn’t have the audacious spirit I now possess. I was still sitting on the fence and worried all the time for no reason.

It was not like God had ever let me down before. But anxiety and guilt plagued me then. So to read and absorb the happenings of the text again with new eyes was mesmerizing because a mere reflection of all I’ve encountered the last few weeks,  I could see how my tenacity has been re-ignited!

Joshua 10:12-13

Relishing the thought I stood in front of the microwave this morning and pondered whether I should comply with my daughter’s request or just give her what she anticipated without considering her concerns.  Instead of doing so, I opened the door, looked at the contents and said to her,

“I believe it’s already done.”

Still, she insisted the contents needed extra time so I finally added the extra time she requested.

This little scenario can be applied in so many ways! Yet, I’ll cover it all in one word:


I could see what my daughter needed was ready for her to receive it when I opened the door, but she still insisted delaying the process because not only could she not see what I saw, but she also assumed that what she desired was not ready so she did not bother to check the progress. I can only imagine her reason for abandoning the option of receiving it later rather than right then was the same reason I had been delaying things in my life relationally. She too had been disappointed with prematurely trying to receive what wasn’t made ready for her.

Isaiah 43:19

19 See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

Perhaps at one point I really did need more time to process things, to ingest things, to receive things, or even to desire things, but since I’ve set my heart and mind to be in alignment with My Heavenly Father, I realize that more time to fulfill my destiny is no longer necessary.

Simply put…

It’s Already Done!!!