I’m Learning to Receive

Just Receive!!! It’s something I’ve struggled with all my life. Whether it’s receiving a compliment, help, admiration, or even an invitation. I drafted the title of this post months if not more than a year ago in fact. I knew then God was teaching me to receive His love, attention, and grace, but I wasn’t ready to do the very thing I felt He was placing on my heart to teach others to do yet.


I’ve always felt the need to do my part. I see now that my part, especially when it comes to being loved by My Father, doesn’t require me to work to get it. I’ve loved to help others as long as I can remember so what comes so natural to me is something that’s been so hard for me to accept in return.

I thought I was being humble…

However, what I had been was synthetically humble at best. Because in many ways I felt the need to “make” people like me or accept me I would either seek overachievement by what I could give or do and reject words of affirmation they’d give in response to who I am. Originally, I’d typed “what I offered” however, even in this moment, the Holy Spirit has affirmed His love for me is based on who I am to Him and not what I do. He loves me because I am His child. Others love me because I’m me. I do great things because He made me this way. False humility is apologizing for who you are!

I refuse to do that anymore😉😄

Don’t get me wrong, it is completely okay to offer assistance when you are available and able to do so, however, before we can truly be the givers God wants us to be, we must first learn to receive.



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