Embrace Your Greatness!

You have permission to be great!!! You are great! You have gifts and talents no one else has! You’re a rare find!

True Humility is knowing your limitations and having an attitude of gratitude for the help provided. The opposite of that is being overly self-sufficient.  I was addicted to being “self-sufficient before!” I only realized in the last year that being overly self-sufficient is the type of pride God hates. Still, I’m just now becoming more aware of how foolish it is to be that way and to adjust my decisions accordingly. 

God expects His children to be proud of our accomplishments as long as we do so with a humble perspective in our hearts. I know it seems that statement just made the whole former portion of this post moot, but I mean when we accept praise, gifts, and help that we do so with a sense of gratitude. He alone provides the ability we have to be great. He alone provides us the financial assistance when we find ourselves in a bind. He alone provides us the confidence to not look like what we’ve been through and the peace we need to get through every test.

I guess deep down I knew what I did was great too I just had been programmed to believe that being proud of your accomplishments is wrong. I’m sure this mental malady derives from my childhood, however, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you must take a long hard look at yourself and decide whose account are you going to believe? Are you going to believe the negativity life has taught you about you or are you going to believe the truth of God’s word?

I choose God’s truth!

…that I am beautiful… that my worth is above rubies… that I am flawless…. that His love for me is limitless…that it is His pleasure to bless me…that I am fearfully and wonderfully made…

Now, It’s your turn😉


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