Yes, Even for a Snicker

I used to roll my eyes anytime I’d hear someone in church say, “When I think about the goodness of Jesus and all He’s done for me….”  That was when I was truly a babe in Christ.  I understand that’s the reason my children found it hilarious when I mentioned how I used to thank God for everything, even a candy bar!

When I mentioned it on our drive home the other day, Recco and Kayla had a field day with jokes.  Even when I mentioned it again this morning, Kayla mentioned with a laugh, “Ooh look is that half a penny? Oh Lord, thank You for the discovery!”

I understand she is a child and laughter has its place so no I didn’t scold her. I simply stated, “You’re laughing but I’m not skimping on thanking God for everything anymore.” When I did that before I had more faith.


Transparent moment here:  Going to seminary and quitting my job was definitely a step of faith, however it was a reluctant one.   It’s not like I had a hefty savings account or 401 K as a plan B. I suppose you could say I’d been Peter for a minute.  I stepped out the boat, but like him I got distracted by the storm.  Still Jesus grabbed my hand and stopped me from sinking. He’s doing that for me right now.  If there is any doubt in my readers’ minds so far that God is All-knowing and All-sufficient, peep this…

images (30)

I mentioned in my daughter’s presence the other day how I needed to get some gel deodorant because I would be wearing more sleeveless clothes for summer.  I thought about how I needed to get some paper towels, and eventually some more toilet tissue.  I even considered that more tooth paste was needed and that I also had just run out of shaving creme for my legs. I also had been running low on soap too. These are things that were only witnessed in part by my daughter.  I had not run out of any of the other things yet, but knew that I would need to replace those items in a couple of days.  I thought about asking a friend for help, but the thought also came to mind that she might get Irish Spring…not being picky, but I like Lever.  I was in the tub when I thought this…nobody but me and God!

download (1)

Get this, while I was writing the other day,  the girl I thought about asking texted me that she had some toilet tissue and soap for us.  I never called her to tell her we needed the help. So she brought it over to the house, the bags included the tissue, paper towels, two deodorants -one clear gel, shaving creme, the toothpaste I like-I’m a little picky with that–only in the largest size, lever 2000 soap, and an extra toothbrush just when it was time to replace my daughter’s. She also gave me gas money to which I was willing to ride on fumes until Monday to get a deposit.


She is one of my best friends and despite my faith she understands how hard it still is for me to ask for help.  Her words, “just take it and say thank you”  soothed a sore spot for me.  I did just say thank you to her, but  also I thank Him because I know God placed me on her heart to provide . This was no coincidence! God meticulously answered the prayers I didn’t even want to ask aloud. I simply stated to myself what I needed, thought to myself what I desired, and He provided just in time.



It’s because He is a Good Father!

He is God Almighty!

He is Jehovah Jireh!

So yes, even for a snicker I will give Him thanks!


©2016 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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