AIM Your Greatness

Great people can’t be idle! It’s not like greatness can be switched off, but don’t we try sometimes?  I know I have.  However, when you’re destined for greatness, even your foolery is extra! Trust, when I kicked it back in the day, I did that! I mean before I admitted I was an alcoholic, I could easily drink a 400 pound man under the table without a smirk so I’m proof that when you are destined for greatness, even your mistakes are done big. Of course that behavior isn’t exactly the legacy I want to leave behind so that said; we must aim our greatness at the right target! A positive and progressive one!

Imagine your impact!!! The same passion that fuels a downward spiral can be redirected to do something purposeful. It’s never too late to turn around and get back on track.

Being idle ultimately produces nothing but wasted energy! Think about an idling car. The car is running, but not going anywhere.

Are you running in place too?

Are you making excuses because you feel like you can? On the road to destiny, it’s the ONLY thing you can’t do!

Excuses are monuments to nothing! So what are you building? Are you building a wall to block people from seeing the real you?

How about a box? Are you building a box to keep God and life out? If you are, let me suggest you focus on building bridges instead. Bridges to your destiny inspire others to build bridges to theirs!

Why? It’s because inspiration is better than motivation on any day!!!

So I leave you with this today. Your destiny is calling and it’s time to answer…to walk…to serve…to be.  Whatever your choice, idleness is NOT an option.

©2016-2018 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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