Slow down or Stall the Progress

It’s nothing like the flu to stop you in your tracks. Yes, not long ago what started out as a simple cold morphed into a sinus infection that mutated into the flu! I ‘ve been sick before, but not like this in a while. In fact, the last time I recall getting too sick to move. There was but one problem. I kept trying to do so. I was so determined to get to work that it seemed I was willing to kill myself in the process.


I was still trying to help God out…not realizing that by allowing my sickness He was trying to do the same for me. He knew I needed to rest…needed to stop trying to handle it all…to do what I said I would…allow Him to take care of me.

You see the submission of an independent woman is a rare find. And apparently I forgot that my independent attitude had freed me of nothing…it had all but imprisoned me in the cell of the wrong mindset.

That said, it seems I’ve taken off running without stopping to consider whether I really should have run at all. Sure God blessed the first direction and second, but then something happened where I began going it alone.I can feel it. I don’t like that feeling. And yep, it can happen that quick. Am I saying that God left my side? Of course not. I know He never will leave me. The problem is that I’ve taken off full speed ahead without checking the engines…I mean my heart…so with that I’m pumping my brakes and allowing God do a diagnostic before I even think about taking flight.

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