Game Over-God Doesn’t Play Games

Sorry for the delay in posting this…I really meant to get this done the day it happened, I still think it’s definitely timely info though so here goes…

Well, in my last post, I mentioned that my son could possibly get suspended for protesting the mistreatment of a fellow student.

Okay…here’s the short version of what happened…yes…there  were some students who were suspended…my son was not one of them, but in all honesty I forgot to get him a wife beater so while he sagged it was not as noticeable.  Regardless, I was still proud of him for the thought of it…but that wasn’t the big news that had me sidetracked that night…

It was what he shared before he told me about the suspensions.

He, my daughter, and his best friend met me in the garage before I could pull in; my son was yelling about a demon…about not telling something named Charlie to leave…that I was right …his game was possessed.

I’m sure I said that about that system on more than one occasion, however, about 2 am that morning was the most recent time I recalled.  The game was supposedly powered off, but the disk drive was opening and closing on its own.

He was unprepared, but he played the game.  His friend played it too and now there was blood.

images (15)

They were frantic and I was concerned. Immediately I assumed that something in my home was broken and because my neighbor’s son was the one holding the blood drenched tissues to his face, I surmised  a liability was on the horizon too. (Hey…not that I didn’t care about him, but that’s just the first thing that came to mind).

Before I could exit the car my son opened the passenger side door and I heard his friend’s muffled words,  “he made my nose bled…he gave me a bloody nose!”

“For real mama, it’s Charlie! He made his nose bleed.  It’s a demon!  The lights won’t even come on in the living room now.  I forgot to tell Charlie to leave! ” my son said.

I don’t know what had me more disturbed…the possibility of a demon in my home or that he lacked the faith to drive it out if that were the case.

images (28)

I said to my son,”Do you know who you are and whose you are? Why don’t you believe that the Jesus in you is stronger than any demon?”

“I do believe…we were trying to cast him out…I mean we were saying that we rebuke it in the name of Jesus! And it got worse. We started video taping it. I’m not playing.” he said.

His best friend warned that he can only show me a clip of it because of their language.

I braced myself and decided to see the whole video  anyway.  So I withheld my  judgement.

No, I’m not posting the video either…not for embarrassment’s sake, but I have no intention of glorifying any being But God…that’s that on that…

They mentioned that the power was out in my living room but that the Xbox was still going haywire.  While any number of logical notions could explain this, I know demons are real and I know you don’t play with them.

Neither should you play with the name of Jesus.images (29)

I immediately recalled two accounts of demon possession gone wrong in the bible: The first one was where the disciples of Jesus were unable to cast out the demon that possessed a boy and Jesus chastised them for unbelief.  The latter was the seven sons of sceva where the demon possessed man whooped those boys because they were basically playing with the name of Jesus. Essentially, they didn’t really know Him…they knew “of Him.”

In that account, the demon spoke up and plainly acknowledged that it didn’t recognize them…considering the fear in my son’s eyes and the bloody nose his friend was nursing I assumed they had been guilty of the same.  They knew of Jesus but didn’t grasp the full authority of His name because perhaps like the disciples, they too didn’t fully believe.


I explained that where the HOLY SPIRIT dwells, darkness CANNOT abide.  I was not worried and I was proud of my Heavenly Father for that.  I considered it a test of my own faith and proof for their benefit…

John 11:42 (NLT)

42 You always hear me, but I said it out loud for the sake of all these people standing here, so that they will believe you sent me.”

Needless to say when I walked in my house, I flipped the lights in my living room on with ease and the game had not been going crazy like they claimed.  I’m not saying this from a self-righteous or arrogant place, but definitely a confident one.  I know the power that God has placed within me to also cause demons to tremble and flee…after all didn’t Jesus state that “greater works will you do.” (I’m paraphrasing, but here’s the scripture)

Not long after giving both the boys a lesson on those scriptures, his friend went home, and this sister went ole’ school…yep…bless oil and all…I prayed and thanked God for His protection…anointed every nook and cranny including my kids and my two dogs…images (14)

Later that night, the Lord placed it on my daughter’s heart to tell me to read Psalm 91.  I read it and reaffirmed my belief that because of my submission to God, demons must flee.  While  I expected a little more from my son, I’m glad everything happened as it did because he learned that  while demons exist, they still are no match for the believer who understands the power of the name of Jesus.

download (4)

Considering this, just perhaps it was the catalyst needed to spur him to get to know Jesus for himself instead of just knowing about Him through me.

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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