Set Your Heart to Do It!

I was so blessed this morning. Well, I suppose I’m blessed everyday, but today I was made keenly aware of it.

Ok, here’s the back drop.

The CD player in my car (yes, I still have one) hasn’t worked properly for about 2 years. Essentially, a CD was stuck. It wasn’t a big deal really so I just opted for my radio. Well, a couple days ago, my CD player started working again. I finally ejected the CD to discover it had been one of my pastor’s sermons.

Entitled, Open the Eyes of My Heart, it had been drawn from Luke 24 when two of Jesus’ followers were walking and talking about Him when He joined them for the trek.  Only, it wasn’t revealed to them that they had been walking with Jesus until after they felt compelled to beg Him to stay.

Basically, God allowed their eyes to be blinded to the obvious until their hearts were able to embrace it.

I now realize why God had allowed me to hear this message again today. Ironically, the date on the CD was July of 2012, about a month after I’d lost my job, a week after child support stopped, and well before I’d received confirmation whether my unemployment claim was approved.  Yes, I feel the need to be more transparent that usual.  Regardless, what some might think a dismal set of circumstances,  it was a time when my faith seemed stronger.

Literally, every financial resource at my disposal went dry in a matter of weeks. Yet, nothing could convince me that God had left my side.

Fast forward two years, I’m steadily working again and doing pretty well in my finances, but the passed few weeks I’ve been overcome by fear.  Silly as it sounds, I’ve always said that when I set my mind to do something, it gets done. No questions asked. Yet, it occurred to me that I’d set my mind to be a published author years ago…that I’d set my mind to attend a writer’s conference months ago… that I’d set my mind to be ready,  manuscripts in hand to submit only weeks ago… and still there was a problem.

Revisiting this message allowed me to see that I had never taken the time to set my heart to do what my mind knew to do.  The Lord reassured me today that He had been walking with me all along, yet I’d been so busy reminiscing over the great things He’d done that I hadn’t taken the time to realize the great things He is doing.

So my advice today is one that I admit has taken me two years to activate: Don’t just set your mind to do what you’ve been chosen to do.  Rather, set your heart to do it and keep it set!

©Nadia Davis 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. They are very inspirational. Continue to let God use you. You are definitely a blessing.


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