Beware of a Toxic Influence

So you wear your halo well on most days…sure it might be crooked, but you feel like you’re at least growing in Christ somewhat.

Yet, every now and then when you’re around a certain person, your angelic glow fades and in record time, you’re back to “the old you.”

Well, if you to catch yourself, you should count yourself blessed because that’s the Holy Spirit leading you . Now whether you decide to detour is up to you.

Let’s say you acknowledge the uneasiness in your gut and yes, you realize that perhaps it’s not in your best interest to continue this relationship.

Now What?

Typically, human nature leads to excuses, but as you grow in Christ the gift of goodbye can become second nature.

  • “But I’ve known ’em all my life!”
  • “But I’ve only been saved a minute, myself!”
  • “But I can lead them to Christ!” >>>This one used to be my favorite!

Yeah…Right!!! The fact is that only God can change the heart of a person!  Even then, we all have a choice in the matter. The thing that you must realize is that if the Lord is nudging you to clip the contact, obedience is better than any sacrifice you could ever make no matter how long you’ve known them.

So ax the excuses!

Okay. Let’s say you decide to obey….Do you just move, change your number, and un-friend them on Facebook?


While the “easy-out” may seem appealing. In most cases, our circles of friends have circles and closing the gap can be quite daunting when things are cut cold turkey as such.  Not to mention, literally moving might be a bit extreme!

So here’s where you must completely rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Here’s some simple steps to help you through the process:


Prayer is our lifeline to God and when you earnestly seek Him, You will find Him. That doesn’t mean you do not have to confront the issue. Rather as you pray, He will strengthen your heart and mind to handle the transition.  He will give you the words to say if words are even necessary.


It’s been said that if you have no plan, you plan to fail. In that same vain, understand God’s plan is greater than anything you could concoct so if you must confront, prepare for backlash.  Recall Mathew 16:23.  Even Jesus received it from Peter when He explained the fulfillment of His purpose.  Of course, satan was the culprit behind Pete’s misguided comments, but you get the picture!


I know this may seem silly because how does one practice getting rid of folk? <INSERT LAUGH HERE> No seriously, people take notice of how you handle things long before you voice your conviction so if you’re not living the life, you could only mar your witness.

Pack up and move on

I know that it may be hard to let go of those folk who have seemingly “had your back” all your life in exchange for what may seem like utter isolation, but remember, ‘the Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?’ Proverbs 20:24   It’s not our job to try and figure out God’s next move, rather, to move on when He directs you to do so.  Besides the peace of a non-toxic existence is so much better.

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.


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