Quit Trippin’ and shed the wait in 2016

Yep this is one of those random unedited posts…decided to include my own silly pics from my holiday adventures just because…you’ll get that later… know there are errors…but I’ll correct those later…maybe…


If patience is a virtue, procrastination is a vice…so no the title was not a typo…I meant “wait”…told ya, I’m not going there about weight loss goals this year… not harping about the need for more patience in Your life either…Rather my intent today is to suggest you strongly consider why you simply can’t wait any longer to move forward. God’s given you gifts for a reason…yet, year after year you manage to do little more than the year before…Arent you tired of that?


I know I am….I’m done with the instability of playing it safe!  I knoe that statement might seem backwards, but hear me out…I just realized again hiw extroverted my personality really is…since stepping out and taking dome outlandish risks the passed few months, I’ve come to realize that helping people and being in the midst of people is when I thrive best…I could have sworn I was introverted for at least 20 years or more though…yep, but what led to that? Was it natural shyness, low self esteem, doubt…how about all three and more…


Somewhere along my journey, I lost sight of the real me and began censoring myself for the sake of others…little did I know thst this simple gesture originally meant to keep the peace would wreak havoc on me internally…so outsteps the Nadia again who loves herself in everyway…the one who took photos at the drop of a dime years ago…


the one who knew she has the ability to make the saddest soul smile or in the very least laugh at his or her circumstances….


I’ve been waiting too long to do what God’s called me to do…waited for too long to realize tgat I’m worthy of love…waited too long to get in the spotlight for a snapshot. But hey, lately I’m a bit dazzled by just how radiant I’ve been looking and feeling most days since agreeing with My Father about my worth…So as I ramble on I say you, but I really mean me and whomever else is out there not doing what you know you should….perhaps is a dream job, your own business,Β  a snazzy invention, or even ministry…might I suggest whatever it is that God’s put on your heart to do that He’s big enough and wise enough to provide for you to succeed in it.

That said, my wait is over, now it’s your turn.

….Because ellipsis help me feel less guilty about all the run-on sentences

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