Better Not Bitter

It’s amazing the impact social media has on our culture. Everyone’s business is literally everybody else’s. There’s everything from affairs to murders to suicides publicized. Sadly, stuff like that only adds to these sites’ popularity.

When it comes to other folks’ business, I’d rather not be bothered.  Yet social media access and use does have its advantages!  As a Christian I am to intercede for others so why not use Facebook,Twitter, and the others to do it?

That is perhaps the main reason I stay plugged-in. Albeit, I like to catch up with friends I’ve lost touch with over the years too so I’m not updating this post to bash the web or those who seem a little addicted to it…

Okay… so something’s bugging you and you need to vent…to get it out in the open. Tell God about it…don’t post it on FACEBOOK!!!!

For example, if your husband is sleeping with your…

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