Red, Yellow, Black, and White

Awesome read…thank you for your honesty and transparency…this is so true!

This One Life

judah wesley kate

These two have no idea. All they know is that they’re shorter than the rest of the people in their homes, and when they get together, they have size and ballet in common. They understand each other’s tiny voices. They understand that if the other one takes a toy she’s playing with, the playroom will become an MMA ring. What they don’t understand is that one day, sooner than any thinking person would like, they’ll be ridiculed for their friendship for no other reason except that one of them has more melanin than the other. And you know who’ll teach them to think that way? The big people around them.

I know these two kids. One is mine, the other is her friend, so I know that such hatred won’t come from their parents. But like it or not, we live in a nation full of people who hate other…

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