A Birthday Shout for my Baby Boy

When I think about the challenges I’ve faced as a single parent, I am comforted with the knowledge that God has been my Father and my children’s throughout every situation. In my weakness, He has been my strength. He alone blessed me with the first of my two miracles 16 years ago today. So yes, this post is a bit selfish…I must give a shout out to my son, Recco, who has always managed to make me laugh even when I try to stay angry with him. An anointed vessel indeed…anytime I am tempted to get discouraged because of his teen-aged ‘tude, God reminds me how truly gifted he is and of the great purpose he has set before him….I’m grateful for the opportunity to steward such a handsome, strong, and blessed young man. Yes, at 16 years young he is my “self-proclaimed man of the house.” I love him so much and I pray that God never allows me to take his presence for granted! Had to revisit this video…to think that was just a few years ago…God foreshadowed his calling then and when things seem to contradict that vision…I thank God for allowing me to have tangible proof of His promise.

Bragging on my baby a little, but check out this video




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