WWJD: Jesus wouldn’t trip!

Oh wow!  How I thank God for His intervention and His means! Today’s post was straight from the mouth of one His esteemed vessels, Yolanda Adams, and I couldn’t wait to write about it. The focus was on the mental well-being by using Jesus’ earthly demeanor as your guide.

Well, in the last few weeks I have been through the wringer it seems….I’ve had car trouble (a lot), financial trouble (fraud wiped my account out last week), and family trouble (mom’s very ill) and just found out a beloved uncle passed last Friday, and a bunch of other not so nice things have been hitting me left and right.

Now of course, I could go ahead and have a pity party for one, head held down and all, but last week I refused to acknowledge that all that I’d endured was anything less than God readying me for a big finish!  When I got my son’s report card, I will say that I was not pleased as I would have hoped.  I could have again, doubted my abilities as a parent.  Now mind you, when issues like this have occurred before I have broken down a little.  I say a little because it doesn’t take long for God to remind me to Envision the End….Yep, that’s just it…I can’t sit there and allow the enemy to attack my mind by impacting all the little things around me.

I’m sure that people at work thought I’d lost my mind last week when I gleefully told them how I have no money in the bank because someone in Canada decided to go on a shopping spree—I’m in Little Rock, AR mind you—Yet, what actually had happened is that I’d found my mind.…Rather I found what was mine!

I’d found my peace…I recalled how God has always been faithful to me so I had no reason to doubt Him now. You’d think that since I work at a Christian establishment everyone would get it, but I still got some crazy looks…as if the clock was ticking on the moment I’d cave…

I’ll admit…on my drive from Memphis the other day…I almost did…but God helped me get a grip…I snapped out of it and back into my WWJD mode.  I know that Jesus wouldn’t trip about these circumstances so why should I?

I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think!

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