Purpose Proceeds Promise

Prayer works; a simple sentence, but such a powerful reality.  Those were the words my pastor used as we commenced our 3 day journey of early morning intercessory prayer as a church body after our inauguration of our new sanctuary a few weeks ago.  That Monday was a holiday and the kids were out of school.  I was determined to attend this meeting alone.  Despite literally being surrounded by hundreds, I needed the solitude with Jesus…to be in His sanctuary.

I’d awaken before my alarm that morning.  I needed to hear from God.  Indeed, I did. It seemed as if the moment I walked into the building, the Lord reminded me that He missed me.  Odd as that may sound…considering I’d attended church regularly for years and that children were still participating in a lot of ministries (mime, praise dance, choir, and even drama to name a few)… and it seemed that I was a volunteer every time anyone asked.  Yet, while I was arrested in my spirit, I was forced to acknowledge that neither of us was really active in ministry.  I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but God scolded me that first morning. He told me that He’d given me gifts to use for His glory alone and that I’d allowed the reality I’d faced over the years (a divorce, lies, and a period of unemployment cloud my view of that purpose and of His provision. …that I’d allowed “busyness” to replace true submission to His will.  I’m thankful for this recent jolt in my spirit so that I can ensure that my purpose is always at the top to my to do list!


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