Today I started my day as I should everyday…In prayer…Yes, I pray often, but this morning I was made keenly aware that my prayer life had been suffering….the result…my life in general had followed suit.  I’d been pondering in my mind for a while, how did I do it before?  I mean, I’ve been a single parent for years and I’ve had my share of financial hurdles, but before it seemed I’d always managed to keep it together.

I’d cried far too many nights over the “what if’s” of yesterday and even of yesteryear.  This morning’s tears were of joy!  I’m thanking God for giving me the desires of my heart..and also for revealing that when I change my perspective of my past to match His that only then can I truly embrace His purpose for my future….

Let’s face it!  Whatever happened yesterday is irrevocable… why wallow in it as if you have some way to push a rewind button.  You can’t undo what’s been done, but you can choose to do something different the next time you’re faced with similar circumstances.

In short, there is peace in God’s perspective so instead of stressing out over what happened, digest it, allow it to pass, and move on!

I realize now how God has been polishing me for my purpose and I’m just grateful for the peace of His perspective.

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