Imperfectly Human, Perfectly Forgiven

Yet, He was merciful; He forgave their iniquities, and did not destroy them. Time after time He restrained His anger and did not stir up His wrath. Psalm 78:38 (NIV)

I’ve been through a lot in 35 years and lately I’ve found myself pondering questions like “When did I get here?”

I’m not talking literally, but spiritually. I’ve been wondering how I became so complacent in my faith. I ‘ve seen and experienced so many miracles that one could easily assume my faith iron-clad, able to withstand anything, but lately, I’ve been on the wrong end of faith too many times.

Instead of reverently fearing the All-Knowing God, I’ve been guilty of fearing the unknown. Other times, I’ve gotten angry with the consequences of foolish decisions when, had I just listened to that still small voice, I could have avoided the issue altogether. Even still, there have even been times I’ve found myself mumbling and complaining about everything when I should be rejoicing.

Most times, I catch myself but sometimes I purposely react that way because I feel like it.

Aren’t I imperfectly human? Shouldn’t that be my excuse? Hasn’t that been my excuse?

Obviously, any excuse is not worthy in light of all God has done.

Yet, even in my faithlessness, He lovingly reminds me that I’m perfectly forgiven.

©2013 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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