Resurrect Yourself

Good morning Ladies and Gents,

Happy Resurrection Day!!!!  Believe it or not I plan to keep this post short and sweet!  I just want a drop a friendly reminder in your spirit to Get Up!!!

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I’m so thankful that I can do just that because My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did it for me over 2, 000 years ago. Some might say Happy Easter, but today it has but one name that fits in my book and if you’re a Christian, I suggest you consider it the same way.  I’m not wasting time bouncing on the bunny and eggs and other pagan stuff that’s been added to today’s significance like so many have done so that’s about all I’m saying about that… You do you is the best I can come up with at the moment.

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Anyway, whether you find your way to your relatives’ home for ham and a bunch of other goodies today, consider a few things further.   Jesus died and rose again so that satan and sin would have no dominion over us. Essentially, He took all of the sin we were born into to the grave with Him that fateful day and brought back our choice to have an abundant life.  That said, I want to encourage you to fully embrace that gift today and every day forward.


  • Don’t sit around and mope over what you shoulda, coulda, woulda done differently had this, that, and the other happened.
  • Don’t waste time blaming others for mistakes you’ve made.
  • Don’t blab on about your problems because trust me somebody somewhere has it so much worse than you think you do.


If nothing else take the time today to Get Up, dust yourself off, do something different, and move on!  You might even want to do something you’ve done before but haven’t allowed yourself to fully enjoy the moment again.

Now I’m not telling you to go have a drunken orgy or something silly like that…I’m saying, since we are set apart to be a peculiar people, act like it.

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If it is going to be a nice day where you live…get outside and enjoy it…take your kids to the park and you allow them to push you in the swing…you go and get on the slide today! If you don’t have kids, you be the kid!

Laugh for no reason at all…images (2)

Heck even if it’s pouring down raining where you live…go to the park anyway and play in the rain….Smile and the whole world really does smile with you…even if they are laughing at the silliness of your antics…don’t assume they are jealous or hating or just being mean….chop it us as Jesus did for all of us on the cross:

Forgive em because they don’t know what they’re doing….Better yet, forgive em because for the first time in perhaps a long, you do know what you are doing!

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You’re living the life of joy Christ died to give you.  So go ahead, get dressed, go to church, get with family, or be alone in the word…however you choose to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior…do it with the knowledge that He lives!!!

Don’t you think it’s about time that you to do the same?

©2015 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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