He’s My Pace Maker

I can’t forget the day my friend collapsed at work. I was ready for my 15 minutes of freedom, but an area manager stopped me at the break room door and shooed me away without a word.  But it was already too late.  I’d already seen her.

I backed up, turned, and followed the wall for my place. I rested my forehead there as I attempted to salvage the precious minutes remaining in prayer.

I was interrupted.

My desire had been a prayer of healing, but my attention was diverted by the passing gurney.   Sandwiched between two paramedics, it’s destination had been where I’d just been I’d just been forbidden.  There was no rush. As if reaching her didn’t matter, their stride wasn’t even a leisure jog. They took their time. Immediately my mind and prayer shifted to what my mind had already confirmed the moment I laid eyes on who used to be my friend so  I prayed for her children to make it without her. I prayed especially for her son who had just gone to the prom and was the youngest.

She was in her early forties…

Today, I remembered her words about her son just months before that fateful day.  “Ooh, I don’t know what my son is going to do without me?”  I wasn’t aware then of the condition of her heart.  Later, I discovered that she had become ill because she was taking on too much. I was sick when the news was of her passing because I considered her one of my spiritual mentors.  She sat two seats away and she kept my mind uplifted with many stories of God’s grace regularly.  I’ve held the events of that day in the back of mind for a log time. I miss her still, but what happened to her and the devestation that transpired in her home without her has concerned me a lot more lately.

Though not manifested physically, remembering the circumstances of my friend’s premature passing led me to consider the impact stress has had on my own heart.   I’d allowed my circumstances to harden it so instead of getting closer to my Father…I was further than ever.  Thankfully, God’s given me an offer I can’t refuse. I realize I cannot fix my heart alone so I’ve submitted myself to the Great Physician. Since my life and the lives of my children depend on the condition of my heart, I’m grateful that God is my pace-maker.

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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