Duty Calls, but should you listen?

Most of my life I’ve had difficulty allowing the word “no” leave my lips. I’ve always volunteered. I like doing for others so I guess I’m a servant at heart.  Well, Jesus exemplifies the ultimate servant and I’m glad for His example.

Yes grateful, but admittedly hard-headed as I am, I haven’t always followed His lead.  I mean the bible shows that “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed”  (Luke 5:16 NIV).   He literally stepped away from His “duties” to get in God’s presence alone. Yes, Jesus knew the importance of prioritizing appropriately.  I thought I did too…

I mean I was singing in the choir, feeding the homeless, writing for the newsletter ministry, and attending just about every service we had in church so how could I not have it right?  

Yep, I was wrong! What I had were mixed up priorities!  Rather, I guess I really hadn’t prioritized much of anything.  Instead, I was a mini- Pharisee (CRINGE)…so caught up in the “duty” of things that I never took the time to recognize what was truly important.

Okay so I’ve written about this before but considering the messages and questions I’ve gotten lately about why I’m not “doing” anymore, I suppose the message bears repeating…Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but perhaps in doing so, others will realize they too may have some changes to make.

God rested on the Sabbath. Yet, the bible also says, God never sleeps so what’s up with the need for the Sabbath day rest?

Well, the period of rest was not meant for God’s sake, but merely an example so that we’d realize we need to take a break every once and a while. Otherwise, unlike God, we’d get burnt out and even resentful, ie: weary in well-doing.

And who is that helping?

Yep, nobody but the devil.


When we’re overburdened with duties, however well-intended, we murmur and complain and that’s equivalent to praising satan! Now as much as I hate to think that I’d ever be considered one to praise the devil, I had to come to terms that my complaints (and yours too), however small, are still just that.

Now I’m learning to be content in every situation.  And yes, the many challenges I’ve faced in recent months have indeed tested my allegiance to that statement. Yet in retrospect, had I listened to the right voice the first time, I likely wouldn’t have even encountered it.

To clarify, the right voice is the Holy Spirit and though for years I was urged to take a seat, I chose to “do the right things” my way instead.


My prior disobedience resulted in depression, family turmoil, faltering faith, and the list of woes goes on…so if you’re reading this and you know me personally, understand that it’s not that I haven’t heard Duty calling, I’ve just decided to listen to the Holy Spirit instead.

©2014 Nadia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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