Quit Editing Yourself

So I titled this post as if I'm telling you all to just flow with the script God gave you, but really I'm talking about myself. Yesterday I had a very soberly dose of reality.  I attended a writer's conference that I almost didn't because of a number of minor excuses.  But boy am I... Continue Reading →

Revisit the Vision

I'm convinced! Whoever invented the snooze button on alarm clocks obviously had a diabolical purpose, one I have succumbed too for many years sadly. In fact, I did it this morning.  Thankfully I only hit it twice...well maybe it was three times... I was weak!!! Well now that I've had my coffee I can honestly... Continue Reading →

Yeah, I want to sing, but I’ve been called elsewhere for this Season

At work, I'm often intrigued and sometimes even a bit disturbed by the tenacity of some of our constituents.  Today, I spoke with a woman whose comments initiated the latter.  She called in response to our broadcast and immediately went into a tangent of how she has a business that has been going down for years and... Continue Reading →

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