Just a bit of randomness...I'd already had this thought on my mind on the drive to church, but today's sermon wrapped things up nicely in my mind and heart.  Looking back...oh how grateful I am for my transformation! How beautiful I've become! I remember when I was in 9th grade, we had some of the... Continue Reading →

Change is Constant-Get Used to It!

If you really plan to walk in the destiny designed for you, prepare to get uncomfortable!  Prepare to walk into areas that are unfamiliar! Dare to do something great and know that your steps may not be understood by those closest to you. Why? Discomfort is a prerequisite of excellence. However, this type of discomfort is... Continue Reading →

Stop Faking the Funk

Hmmm...I'm so thankful for this revelation this morning. I've commissioned myself to ensure above all else that in my walk with Christ from here on that I refuse to chase the fake again...that I be completely authentic to who God made me. That said, I must do away with the roles I once played. I... Continue Reading →

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