I Know Not…

A while ago my prayer for wisdom seemed a simple request.  Almost immediately I found myself tested.  Questions about relationships, finances, wholeness, and a fruitful spiritual walk arose daily.  Ironically, all of which were areas I deemed myself woefully deficient.  Yet I was on the receiving end of such anyway.  Perhaps those who asked of me... Continue Reading →

Let the Man Lead for God’s sake!

Hmmm...more about this submission thing... In case I struck a nerve with some of you yesterday, I've decided to elaborate. Still though... Anyway, while it seems that women have been backed into a corner when it comes to the submission debate, men aren't too far from the trenches either.  Submission should be a two-way street.  In fact, true... Continue Reading →

Lord, Help me with me!!!!

Yesterday I witnessed male castration in a Kroger parking lot! So today, I feel the need to discuss a woman's need for submission! Particularly, I'm speaking about marriage here, but if you're not married there is still a level of submission necessary for things to flow in  your best interest. I'm fully aware that the... Continue Reading →

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