Gated but still not protected

I hadn't planned to write share this...I hate that I'm now even aware of this at all, but this headline met my gaze any way: 4 Children Stabbed to Death in Memphis, Mother in Custody I saw the pictures showing the young lady allegedly responsible for the heinous crime as "normal" and the... Continue Reading →

Not Quite Homeless

As I braved the bitter temperatures arresting my face and hands this morning I felt thankful and saddened in an instant. That feeling lasted a little longer than I wanted. So I continued about the business of moving things from my car to another temporary residence. My second trip indoors was harder than my first... Continue Reading →

Breathe Easy-Take Off Your Mask

I really have never been fond of wearing a lot of make up...especially in the summer...for those ladies who have naturally oily skin like I's a nightmare...However, for years I have covered myself with the stuff...I know my worth, but covering perceived  physical flaws are so much easier to address than the emotional ones I suppose.... Continue Reading →

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