Forgiving and Forgetting is Not an Option Anymore!

A wound superficially covered will cause infection, but bleeding and allowing the wound exposure is often the best way to heal it. At least it is for me... True Forgiveness Requires Grief! It Requires Stages. It Requires that one face the pain of what happened and why it happened. It Requires Identifying who is responsible.... Continue Reading →

Un-Arrest Your Development

I suppose I have resisted this place for some time now....but I cannot continue to run away from the inner most parts of myself a moment longer. So I thought to myself yesterday that yes, perhaps I should have my head examined after all....everyone seems to think they know me...I consider the shear ignorance of... Continue Reading →

Practice the Pause

A few months ago I wrote about how God kept placing on my heart the need to slow down and take a pause. I suppose between then and now, I may have actually listened only a handful of times. "I'm ambitious" was the excuse in my mind, but my heart still longed to truly... Continue Reading →

To Honor Her…

I'll edit this later...just flowing from the heart... I used to say "I didn't have a good example when I grew up."  It was my excuse.  I suppose I felt less guilty for my own shortcomings as a parent by blaming my mother for the woes I’d experienced.  Yet, now I realize how untrue that statement was. There were... Continue Reading →

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